Welcome house - English

Welcome to the City of Stockholm and Welcome House! New arrivals living in the City of Stockholm are entitled to support from us during their early days in the city. Welcome House provides access to various activities and public authorities that can help support you.

Intro Stockholm

When you arrive in Stockholm, a community counsellor will help you:

  • apply for a personal ID number, bank account, ID card
  • enrol your children in school and pre-school
  • get a health check and access healthcare
  • register with the Swedish Public Employment Office
  • apply for any benefits that you are entitled to
  • understand how Swedish society works and learn more about Stockholm

The Intro Stockholm support team offers additional advice and support.
We can help you in your dealings with other public authorities.

You are entitled to apply for temporary financial assistance until you are able to support yourself. Intro Stockholm social workers will assess you and your family’s entitlement to financial assistance.

Etableringscentrum – the Establishment Centre

The Establishment Centre offers:

  • study and careers advice
  • contact with employers
  • advice on starting your own business
  • contact with clubs and associations
  • support when learning to use digital tools
  • various group activities and workshops

Other stakeholders

We work closely with The National Government Service Centre. They can help you when it comes to using digital services and filling out forms. You can also get help contacting the Public Employment Office.

At Welcome House you can get in contact with a range of clubs and associations
that offer various activities for yourself and your family.